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The teamwork is crucial. That's why we attach great importance to teamwork, because we know that one person alone can only do his part. Only together things are really realized successfully. In our company, researching for ever better results is a duty for everyone involved in the process.

The will to achieve something extraordinary is both an attitude and an aspiration for our employees. For our designers, seemingly unsolvable tasks mean special challenges, which they meet with dedication.

We ensure that our protective cover systems meet high standards. With elaborate endurance tests and specific simulation procedures, we test the material, flexibility, robustness and travel speeds under the most extreme conditions in our test center. In this way, we and our customers can be sure that our protective cover systems will permanently meet the high requirements in daily use.

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„Made in Germany“
"Made in Germany" was and is a term associated with a high standard of quality and reliability, and with which German products distinguish themselves worldwide.

The great care with which we produce our protective cover systems has earned us a reputation as a company with a sophisticated level of manufacturing. Our manufacturing facilities are state of the art and our employees handle the material and machinery responsibly. This results in products that live up to the "Made in Germany" label in every respect.

As a responsible company, sustainable management of scarce resources is both a concern and an obligation for us.
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Arno Arnold completes the new visitor center in Obertshausen with a new representative showroom and the extraordinary company museum

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Hessenforum 2022, 11th of May

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Wolf Matthias Mang

Hessenforum 2021

Chairman of the Board HESSENMETALL
Managing Director Arno Arnold GmbH

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Chief Editor of NEXT TV
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ARNOLD Bandoneons

The Tango

A couple dancing the tango by leading and gliding completely to the music of a bandoneon builds a bridge to our products in an amazing way. The movements of the machines that set the beat and rhythm for our protective covering systems also create a symbiotic dance of grace and elegance.

If we have succeeded in contributing to the understanding of our work with this way of looking at things and with this website, we are very pleased.

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