Fix & Finish

Fix & Finish, comprehensive protection for machining centres

Protective cover systems of the Fix & Finish brand offer comprehensive machine protection. They are supplied as a complete construction ready for assembly as a unit and mounted in the machine tool ready for operation.

Single-axis or multi-axis Fix & Finish protective covers combine individual components to form a user-friendly complete system that can be delivered and installed by Arnold in a prefabricated, custom-fit configuration.

This reduces the assembly effort at the customer's site to a minimum. The modular design in one, two or three axes has further advantages. Fix & Finish is also available, for example, as a machine rear wall or roof in every conceivable installation position. Fix & Finish is particularly suitable for high dynamics and achieves a high degree of tightness due to the minimization of interfaces between the protective cover and the machine.



  • Complete system instead of individual components
  • Completely pre-assembled protective walls
  • Delivered ready for operation
  • Connection of different protective covers, matched to customer benefits
Advantages for our customers:
  • All axes protected by one cover
  • Saves costs for assembling individual components and minimizes storage costs
  • Cost savings due to interchangeability of individual components without disassembly of the full unit

Wings machine cover system

The "around-the-corner” system
Optimum utilization of the working area requires covering the corner areas in the machine room.

With Wings you close the corners.

The challenge for the development of this new cover principle was to combine small installation dimensions with an advantageous appearance. High accelerations (tested up to 2.5 g) can be realized due to the low mass. The special shape and function of this novel system ensure optimum protection without elastic and plastic deformation of the telescopic plates.
Schutzabdeckungssystem Wings Abdeckung-mit-Blechen-im-Arbeitsraum-wings


  • Covering with sheets in the working area, guided around the corner
  • High, uniform contact pressure due to specially shaped corner plate
Advantages for our customers:
  • Back wall and roof cover in one Decades of proven protection against flying chips
  • High acceleration
  • No elastic or plastic deformation of the telescopic plates


The protective cover, over one or more angles.

This ingenious "over-corner protective cover system" covers the corners in the machine interior and protects the valuable elements behind it against the ingress of chips and liquids. Depending on the cover angle and the particular application, both inside and outside angles as well as the combination of both systems can be integrated.


  • Robust angle cover, composed of a bellow with telescopic sheets- A wing on the metal sheets provides uniform contact pressure of the plates
Advantages for our customers:
  • Application for inner and outer angles - combination of inner and outer angles in one cover possible
  • Reliable wiping of sheets, tested under heavy chip accumulation


Sensor technology that is integrated in the protective cover systems supplies increasingly precise data on real loads. This results in many advantages for you:
In Schutzabdeckungssystemen integrierte Sensorik


  • Introduces sensory status surveillance to protective, telescopic covers and bellows

Advantages for our customers:

  • Live information on the degree of wear and tear of the bellow (e.g. number of strokes, noticeable vibrations), notifying the operator early on required repairs or replacements
  • “Connected Cover” could be a key enabler of reduced unplanned machine downtime and improved planning of maintenance intervals
  • Remote monitoring during unmanned operation

Available sensors include:

Acceleration sensor: e.g., to classify and quantify the strokes performed and thus determine the degree of wear

Pressure sensor: e.g. to indicate foreign bodies in the bellows and thus the need for cleaning

Temperature sensor: : e.g. indication of possible damage to plastic parts due to limit values being exceeded

Vibration sensor: e.g. indication of the need for lubrication.


Arno Arnold has been working on intelligent communicating protection systems for many decades. This resulted in the 1st patent application for a "bellows with integrated detector device" in 1985, which led to the granting of a patent (DE 35 32 702) in 1993.

Due to the large number of sensors available today, we are making the pioneering achievement of that time IOT-capable. In the fully networked, unmanned production of the future, the independently self-ordering protective cover will fit in.

You decide whether the results
  • are displayed in the machine control system
  • are fed into the local network
  • are available in the cloud

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